Thursday, January 21, 2010

Family Vacation

We had a fabulous time in Puerto Vallarta last week. Because Todd is busier in the summer, we take our vacations in the winter. The weather there was great. No teenagers or college kids partying, just alot of "snowbirds"! They couldn't understand us, and we couldn't understand them! All I had to say was "Texas" and they chuckled. I got a kicked out of them saying their "o's"! "When we get home we have to shovel the snow", they would say! Although the water wasn't as clear or the sand as white like in the Carribean, Todd and I decided that we like the Pacific side much better. We stayed outside all day Sunday and did not break a sweat! The mornings were cool, but by 10am everyone was out in there bathing suits.

The girls stayed in the sun all day and of course, got burned! Lindsey's forehead is peeling now! We stayed at the Riu Vallarta. It was so beautiful and so clean.

The sunsets were priceless. We had our pictures taken on the beach at sunset by a local photographer.


Carrie said...

Just beautiful!

Jennifer said...

So pretty! Those last couple of pics look like they could be in a travel brochure!

Sada said...

All I have to say is FABULOUS!!! Your girls are BEAUTIFUL!!! Wish I was there :)