Sunday, May 11, 2008

20 Years of Being a Mom...Happy Mother's Day

Ashley and Lindsey

Mom and Baby Lindsey

Mom and Baby Ashley

College, school, work, and the social life have been hectic for us, and we don't slow down near enough to tell our mom how much we love her and how much she means to us! Boy I never realized how much work it is to manage one person yet she managed to handle all 3 of us!! The phrases "I've been working all day and I just want to sit down" or "I just vacuumed this floor!" mean so much more to me now!!! It's true at times I feel like I am turning into my mother, but that isn't bad at all!! Mom we are very lucky that God has blessed you in our lives! We love you so much

Sorry the pictures are so was the best I could do!

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The Rose Fam said... sweet! Teresa, you are one lucky mom! Ashley, you confused me again!